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Fiscal Year Presentations & Reports - Archives

2018-2019 Fiscal Year presentations and Reports


06-12-2018 Tentative Budget Presentation

09-11-2018 Adopted Budget Presentation

03-12-2019 Budget Study Session


FY2018-19 Tentative Budget Report

FY2018-19 Adopted Budget Report

FY2018-19 First Quarter Budget Report

FY2018-19 Second Quarter Budget Report

FY2018-19 Third Quarter Budget Report

2017-2018 Fiscal Year Presentations and Reports


06-13-2017 Tentative Budget Presentation

09-12-2017 Adopted Budget Presentation

02-13-2018 Board Budget Study Session Presentation


FY2017-18 Tentative Budget Report

FY2017-18 Adopted Budget Report

FY2017-18 First Quarter Budget Report

FY2017-18 Second Quarter Budget Report

FY2017-18 Third Quarter Budget Report

2016-2017 Fiscal Year Presentations & Reports


06-14-2016 Tentative Budget Presentation

09-13-2016 Adopted Budget Presentation

02-28-2017 Board Budget Study Session Presentation


​​FY2016-2017 Third Quarter Budget Report

FY2016-2017 Second Quarter Budget Report

FY2016-2017 First Quarter Budget Report

FY2016-2017 Tentative Budget Report

FY2016-2017 Adopted Budget Report

2015-2016 fiscal year Presentations & reports
 06-09-2015 Tentative Budget Presentation
 09-08-2015 Adopted Budget Presentation
11-10-2015 1st Quarter Budget Presentation
02-23-2016 Budget Study Session Presentation
05-10-2016 3rd Quarter Budget Presentation
FY2015-2016 Tentative Budget Report
FY2015-2016 Adopted Budget Report
FY2015-2016 1st Quarter Budget Report
FY2015-2016 2nd Quarter Budget Report
FY2015-2016 3rd Quarter Budget Report

2014-2015 fiscal year Presentations & reports
05-12-2015 FY2014-2015 3rd Quarter Budget
02-24-15 FY2015-2016 Budget Study Session
11-11-14 FY2014-2015 1st Quarter Budget
09-09-14 FY2014-2015 Adopted Budget
06-10-14 FY2014-2015 Tentative Budget   
FY2014-2015 3rd Quarter Budget
FY2014-2015 2nd Quarter Budget
FY2014-2015 1st Quarter Budget
FY2014-2015 Adopted Budget
FY2014-2015 Tentative Budget

2013-2014 Fiscal Year Presentations & Reports
PRESENTATIONS                                                 REPORTS

02-25-14 Budget Study                                     3rd Quarter11-12-13 1st Quarter                                         2nd Quarter09-10-13 Adopted Budget                               1st Quarter06-11-13 Tentative Budget                             Adopted Budget                                                                                         Tentative Budget


2012-2013 Fiscal Year Presentations & Reports
PRESENTATIONS                                                 REPORTS05-14-13 3rd Quarter                                        3rd Quarter02-12-13 2nd Quarter                                       2nd Quarter11-27-12 1st Quarter                                         1st Quarter09-11-12 Adopted Budget                               Adopted Budget06-12-12 Tentative Budget                             Tentative Budget


2011-2012 Fiscal Year Presentations & Reports
PRESENTATIONS                                                  REPORTS

05-08-12 3rd Quarter                                         3rd Quarter03-22 EVC & 03-28 SJCC Town Hall          2nd Quarter02-28-12 Budget Study Session                    1st Quarter02-14-12 2nd Quarter                                         Adopted Budget12-13-11 Budget Update                                  Tentative Budget11-08-11 1st Quarter09-13-11 Adopted Budget06-14-11 Tentative Budget


Adopted Budget Report - Archives

2010-2011 Adopted Budget2009-2010 Adopted Budget2008-2009 Adopted Budget2007-2008 Adopted Budget

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