Emergency Preparedness

​​​​​SJECCD - Emergency Notification System

SJECCD has a campus emergency notification system through Everbridge Mass Notifications Systems. The purpose of this notification system is to quickly disseminate emergency information to the campus community during critical incidents.

The District Police Department is the main entity responsible for the initial activation of the emergency notification system. At the District Police Department, Police Administration, Supervisors, and Dispatchers, along with the District’s ITSS technical personnel, have received training and can access the system.

Everbridge is SJECCD’s system for alerting students, staff and faculty in the event of an emergency that threatens the health and safety of the campus community. Emergency information and instructions will be sent using one or more of the components of the Everbridge system.
Everbridge notification is an “opt out” program for students. All students, staff and faculty are automatically enrolled in the system using contact information that was provided by the students. We strongly urge you to review your contact information by logging onto your “My Web” account. Faculty and staff must ensure their contact cell phone numbers are current through their “MY Web” account.

Please remember that the personal notification portion of the Everbridge notification system consists of voice, text and email options. Text messaging allows for the use of a limited number of characters and, depending upon the cell phone carrier, message delivery may be delayed.

The information disseminated via Everbridge notification will describe the emergency and may caution you to avoid certain areas of the campus, let you know if classes are cancelled due to an emergency, or provide vital information on what actions you need to take if you are on campus during a situation.

Additional information may be disseminated through any number of communication systems that can be used during an emergency.

These systems include the District website, the College websites, KJCC 104.1 FM, or the Colleges’ Twitter and Facebook accounts.




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Emergency Call

District Police Station

or 911

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