Fiscal Services
​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to ​Fiscal Services ​

We are responsible for providing accountancy, budgetary, payroll, purchasing ​and warehouse services to the District. 

Hours: 8:00 am-5:00 pm; Monday-Friday

Board Policy and Administrative Procedures:

   Fiscal Services department staff Fiscal Services Leadership

​Executive Director, Fiscal Services
Office:  (408) 531-6130
Fax:  (408) 239-8817

​Assistant Director, Fiscal Services
Anthony Oum
Office:  (408) 270-6416
Fax:  (408) 239-8808
Linda Wilczewski
Office:  (408) 531-6131
Fax:  (408) 239-8817
​Contracts & Risk Manager
Jodi Marvet
Office:  (408) 270-6440
Fax:  (408) 239-8817

Our professional staff members are available to assist you with the fiscal matters listed below.
Please contact us if you have any questions.


Fax (408) 239-8817

Amanda Ikner (408) 270-6464  Email:

Accounts Payable for SJCC, Amazon, Killroy Pest Control, Office Depot, and Staples


Arlene Rapinan (408) 270-6436  Email:
Accounts Payable for EVC, DS, DW, District Police, and Center for Economic Mobility 


Carmen Flores (408) 274-6700 x6249  Email:

Mail Coordination and AP File Maintenance

Hong Yang (408) 274-6700 x6284  Email:
Accounts Payable for Milpitas, Bond Payables, Citibank, Utilities, Phones, Conferences, Employee Reimbursements, Journal Entry Coordination


Manuela Kolpin (408) 274-6700 x6521  Email: ​
Accounts Receivable (lead), COTOP, Liaison w/ External Collection Agency, Non-County Bank Reconciliations, Unclaimed Property A/R


Margaret Tow (408) 270-6449  Email:

Accounts Receivable (invoicing), Billing to Retirees and COBRA for Benefit Reimbursements, Student Refunds/Credit Forfeitures, Posting Payments (VA, External Collection Agency, COBRA, COTOP), 1098T, and Internal Billings (i.e. Cost-recovering Departments), Receipt of Payments and Deposits


Richard Su (408) 274-6700 x6512 Email:
Accounts Payable (lead), Sales & Use Tax Returns, 1099, TRAN, Bank Liaison, Stale-dated Checks, County Bank Reconciliation, Student Refund Vouchers, Vendor Credit Applications,  DO Petty Cash, Home Depot, Petty Cash Reconciliations and Medical Waivers


Vacant (408) 270-6415 Email: 

Capital Projects, Financial Aid Transmittals, and General Obligation Bond Funds


Yumei Chen (408) 274-6700 x6864 Email:
Categoricals, Grants, ASB, Banked Overload, Mandated Cost Claims, Financial Aid Liaison and Drawdowns



Fax (408) 239-8817​

Jennifer Le (408) 274-6700 x6572 Email:
Budget Development, Monitoring and Reporting, Position Control, Analytic Administration, Budget Transfers, BT Resolution



Fax (408) 239-8811

Connie Hilbert (408) 274-6700 x6286 Email: 
Daily Payroll Activity Coordination, MSC/Faculty Attendance Reports, STRS Reporting and


Vacant (408) 223-6708
Hourly/Classified Attendance Reports, PERS Reporting and Reconciliations, Payroll Website Maintenance, Garnishments, and 10th of the Month Payroll Processing


Fax (408) 239-8807

Mark Hua (408) 270-6421 Email: 
Non-Bond Purchases: Evergreen Valley College, District Services and District-Wide

Carlos Marques (408) 270-6431 Email: 
Non-Bond Purchases: San Jose City College, Community College Center for Economic Mobility and Milpitas

Cindy Giesing (408) 270-6487 Email:
Bond Purchases: Evergreen Valley College, District Services and District-Wide

Priscilla Louangrath (408) 270-6496 Email:
Bond Purchases: San Jose City College, Community College Center for Economic Mobility and Milpitas

Sylvia Bellinghausen (408) 223-6762 Email:
Asset & Inventory Control, Vendor Maintenance and Receiving



Jimmy Truong (408) 223-6720 Email:
Coordination of Warehouse, Receiving, Delivery and Surplus Materials

Luis Juarez (408) 223-6720 Email:
Receiving, Warehousing, and Disposition of Surplus Materials

Mission Statement  ​The Fiscal Services Team for the San Jose Evergreen Community College District is committed to provide expedient, accurate, transparent, and courteous fiscal services to our customers, inclusive of students and faculty, through teamwork, employee empowerment, communication, and collaboration.

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