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As a leading educational institution, the mission of SJECCD is to meet the diverse educational and workforce needs of our community by empowering our students to become agents of socio-economic change. 


SJECCD is the premier post-secondary education institution in our region for advancing opportunity, equity, and social justice through educational excellence.

Our Values

Opportunity  · Equity  · Social Justice 

Our District's core values are opportunity, equity and social justice. Each one of these values is incorporated into our strategic planning and is a part of the foundational commitments we make to our communities.


Our Policy on Student Success

Our Civility Statement  

History of San José - Evergreen Community College District

Located in the northeastern Santa Clara Valley, the San José-Evergreen Community College District encompasses more than 300 square miles, including part of the city of San José and all of the city of Milpitas. The District includes the areas served by Milpitas and San José Unified School Districts, together with the East Side Union High School District. The District is comprised of Evergreen Valley College (EVC), established in 1975; San José City College (SJCC), which is the oldest community college in Santa Clara County, established in 1921; the Workforce Institute, formerly known as the Institute for Business Performance, established in 1988; and the San Jose-Evergreen Community College Extension at Milpitas, established in 2016.  ​

Known at first as San José Junior College, SJCC was located in downtown San Jose, and was overseen by San Jose State College until 1953. That year it was moved to the present Moorpark Avenue location and managed directly by the San José Unified School District. The College’s name was changed in 1958 to San José City College.

A faculty-led effort resulted in a special election that established the independent San José Junior College District in 1963. After a Citizens’ Advisory Committee study, the District’s second campus, Evergreen Valley College, was opened on a 155-acre site near the eastern foothills in 1975 with an enrollment of 3,000 students. Eleven years later, in 1986, the District was renamed the San José-Evergreen Community College District.

The Criminal Justice Training Center moved from San José City College to a new building adjacent to the District Offices on the EVC campus in January 1988.  This Center became the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium, a Joint Powers Agency, in July 1995.

The Workforce Institute began operation as the contract education division of the San José/Evergreen Community College District in 1988, and now occupies the first floor of the new five-story Technology Center at the corner of Bascom and Moorpark Avenues, adjacent to SJCC.

In 1998 the voters of the San José-Evergreen Community College District passed a bond initiative (Measure I)to secure funding for building and remodeling facilities on both campuses. This was followed by the passing of a second bond (Measure G) in 2004, a third bond (Measure G) in 2010, and the most recent bond (Measure X) in 2016. These bonds, coupled with state funds and private donations, Have revitalized the infrastructure of both Colleges, District Office, and the College Extension. Among other amenities, District students now enjoy new, state-of-the art libraries with learning resource labs and technology centers, an innovative and dramatic student services building at SJCC, a new biology and nursing building at EVC, refurbished athletic fields, modern student centers with bookstores, dining areas, math and science buildings, automotive technology center, fitness and physical education centers, and spaces for meeting and studying. One of the oldest colleges in the California community college system, SJCC is virtually being rebuilt and is becoming one of the most modern facilities in the system.

San José-Evergreen Community College District currently serves approximately 20,000 students each semester.

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