From the Office of Chancellor Debbie Budd

Dear Community Member,
Welcome to the San José-Evergreen Community College District, where student success is the focus of our mission:  

“As a leading educational institution, the mission of SJECCD is to meet the diverse educational and workforce needs of our community by empowering our students to become agents for socioeconomic change.”
San José-Evergreen Community College District has achieved major milestones, creating a positive outlook for the future of our students, colleges, and the community. I have met many of our faculty and staff who are truly dedicated and focused on student success.  I am impressed with the fact that people are working in areas they enjoy and sharing their skills and knowledge, which is a reflection of the best type of working environment.
Please click on the following image for some of my first 300-day special moments shared with our community:
Our District is at a very special place in its history with many success stories, including: 
  • Reaffirmation of full-accreditation status for both Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC)
  • The 2016 graduating class achieved the highest numbers of degrees awarded in the history of the District.
  • Enhanced the positive multicultural and multilingual college environment where all students, employees and the community are valued, welcomed, and supported.
  • Being among of the best performing community colleges for transfer to the California State University and the University of California.
  • Improved community relations and engagement.
  • Earned strong credit ratings by Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s which made it possible for the District to refinance its long term bonds, resulting in a savings of approximately $30 million dollars ($20-million-dollar savings from the April 2014 refinancing and $10-million-dollar savings from the June 2015 refinancing) for District taxpayers in the next 20 years.
  • Completed major bond-funded improvements; and new constructions such as the EVC’s South Campus Development and Automotive Technology buildings, and the SJCC’s new Physical Education building are underway.
  • Increased capacity with many new and updated buildings to provide adult education, and career technical education programs.
  • Increased access to college education for District residents in and around Milpitas through the Milpitas 21st Century Education Site, linking high school students to careers. This site is under construction with a planned opening date of Fall 2016.
  • Improved IT infrastructure and websites.
  • Received a grant of $13.1 million by the California Department of Education for our Silicon Valley Engineering Technology Pathways (SVETP).
  • Strong fiscal stewardship led to perfect fiscal and performance audits for both District general operations and for our Facilities Bond program.

Together, we will continue focusing on strengthening our academic and career technical education programs and services that equip our students with the knowledge, skills and abilities for success as contributing and productive citizens in the 21st Century global community.


About the Chancellor's Office

The Chancellor's Office provides the coordination and leadership essential for merging the needs of the community and the educational resources of the San José/Evergreen Community College District(SJECCD) . 

Along with the Chancellor, a seven-member Governing Board is responsible for overseeing the educational needs of the SJECCD.  San José City College, Evergreen Valley College, the Workforce Institute, and the District Office work in partnership with the Chancellor, the Governing Board, and the community to create educational opportunities for students. 



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Dr. Deborah Budd


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