Crime Prevention Measures


The District Police Department provides a number of services to help educate the campus community in how to avoid being a victim of a crime. Printed information is available at the District Police Department offices on both campuses on various topics. Police personnel are always available to answer questions and make suggestions regarding campus security issues.

Each person must take steps to avoid being a victim. Remember to keep your car locked and to put valuables in the trunk or take them with you. Do not leave valuables in lockers and always walk in a group or with an escort at night.

If you are the victim of a crime, do not tamper with the crime scene and do not delay in calling the police at 408-270-6468. The sooner the police are called the better our chance of solving the crime.

If you happen to see something suspicious, do not hesitate to call the police at 408-270-6468 with a description of the persons, their vehicle and what they are doing. This may save a fellow student or staff member from suffering the frustration associated with being a victim. Remember, it is a team effort.

The police are here to serve and assist you, and we need your help to maintain a safe campus that is conducive to learning. 


Emergency Call 

​District Police Station


or 911



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