Professional Recognition Committee

​​The SJECCD Collective Bargaining Agreement outlines several professional recognition opportunities to receive credit for course work and/or activities. As stated in Article 10.4 of the contract: “The Professional Recognition Increment plan shall reflect college or university units and/or other activities which have a direct and significant relevance to the professional development of the faculty member.”

The SJECCD Vision, Mission, Values, Goals: 2013-2017 can be found here:

SJECCD Board/Strategic Goals

AFT 6157 Collective Bargaining Agreement 

Movement Across Salary Classes

Movement across the salary classes is based on continuing educational development of the faculty member including education obtained while on sabbatical. To determine how many semester units would be required for you to move to the next salary class, please contact Elvira Valderrama, Human Resources Specialist, in the SJECCD Human Resources Office at (408) 270-6419. The Application for Approval of Units for Credit on the Salary Schedule (Salary/Class Changes) can be found here:  
Approval of Units Application Form

Professional Recognition Salary Increments
Steps 14, 17 & 19
To determine whether you are eligible to submit a step plan, you may contact
Elvira Valdrrama in the Human Resources Office at (408) 270-6419. The Professional Recognition Application to submit a Step 14, 17 or 19 Plan can be found here:
Steps 14, 17 and 19 Movement Form

Professional Growth Activity Payment

For approved professional growth activities, payment shall be made on the basis of $175 per semester unit or the equivalent to a maximum of six (6) units within any three (3) year period. Faculty may submit applications for growth activity payment awards to the PRC once annually and no later than April 1st of the school year. The Professional Recognition Application for an Activity Payment can be found here: Activity Payment Form

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leave applications for sabbatical leaves that will take place in the 2014-2015 fiscal year must be submitted by November 1, 2014. This semester you may want to begin planning and developing an idea for a sabbatical leave. For additional ideas, you can refer to the sixty sabbatical leave reports that are available in the SJCC library. The Sabbatical Leave Application can be found here:
Sabbatical Leave Application Coversheet

Members Members of the Professional Recognition Committee (PRC) are available to respond to questions that you may have concerning any of the above professional recognition opportunities. Following is a list of the current members of the PRC:

Sterling Warner, Chairperson Evergreen Valley College Faculty MemberMadeline Adamczeski, San Jose City College Faculty MemberKim Garcia, Vice Chancellor, SJECCD Human ResourcesMartha Hardin, Evergreen Valley College Faculty MemberMichael Highers, Evergreen Valley College Math/Sciences DeanKeiko Kimura, San Jose City Language Arts DeanEric Narveson, Evergreen Valley College Faculty Member
Lesllie Rice, San Jose City Faculty Member
Noe Torres​, San Jose City College Faculty Member
Elvira Valderrama, Clerical (D.O.) Human Resources Specialist (Non-voting member)

The San Jose/Evergreen Community College District PRC Committee meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month—excluding December and May which have one meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. To assure inclusion on the PRC Agenda, Elvira Valderrama should receive an electronic copy of your Professional Recognition request—along with the appropriate form—by 12:00 P.M. on the Friday prior to a Tuesday meeting. 

Meeting Dates

Meeting Time:  3:00 - 5:00

September 13, 2016San Jose City College GE 206A
September 27, 2016 Evergreen Valley College LE 224
October 11, 2016 San Jose City College GE 206A
October 25, 2016 Evergreen Valley College LE 224
November 8, 2016 San Jose City College GE 206A
November 22, 2016 Evergreen Valley College LE 224
December 13, 2016 San Jose City College GE 206A
February 14, 2017 Evergreen Valley College LE 224
February 28, 2017 San Jose City College GE 206A
March 14, 2017 Evergreen Valley College LE 224
March 28, 2017 San Jose City College GE 206A
April 25, 2017 Evergreen Valley College LE 224
May 9, 2017 San Jose City College GE 206A


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