Executive Team

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The District Executive Team includes all senior level executives from the colleges and the District Office. Charged with the administration of the colleges and the district, they collaborate with faculty, staff and students to address policies, procedures, and initiatives and to implement directions provided by the Board of Trustees. 

​​Dr. Byron D. Clift Breland, Interim Chancellor
Dr. Byron D. Clift Breland


Keith Aytch, Interim President of Evergreen Valley College


Mr.Keith Aytch
President, Evergreen Valley College 

Doug Smith, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services


Mr. Roland Montemayor
Acting President, San Jose City College

Jorge Escobar, Interim Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services


Mr. Jorge Escobar
Interim Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services

Ben Seaberry, Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and Institutional Effectiveness


​Dr. Ben Seaberry
Vice Chancellor, Information Technology & Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. William Watson, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Innovation


Dr. William Watson
Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Innovation

Kim Garcia, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

Beatriz Chaidez
Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

Alice van Ommeren, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success


Dr. Alice van Ommeren
Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning

Ryan Brown, Public Information Officer

Mr. Ryan Brown
​Marketing and Public Information Officer​

Rosalie Ledesma, Executive Director of Government and External Affairs

Ms. Rosalie Ledesma
Executive Director, Government & External Affairs

Sam Ho, Director of Communications, Community Relations and Diversity

Mr. Sam Ho
Director, Communications, Community Relations & Diversity 

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