Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Student Success.

We play a unique role in the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District. We perform research and provide critical data upon which decisions are made that support teaching, learning and student success.

Our Mission

We are the lens of clarity for the San José ▪ Evergreen Community College District to make informed decisions to improve institutional effectiveness and student success. 

Phone Number: (408)531-6171      Fax Number (408)239-8805

Alice van Ommeren
Executive Director

Celina Gallegos
Research Assistant 

Ronald Lopez Ramirez
Research Analyst, II

​​​Ruth Villaseñor
Educational Services Coordinator​​





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District Facts

Fact Book​

Fact Book Fall 2016 Census after Start
Fact Book Fall 2015 End of Term

Fast ​Facts and Research Reports

2018 Spring Fast​ Facts2017 Fall Fast Facts

Community College Survey of Student Engagement - CCSSE

Evergreen Valley College CCSSE Report 2016San Jose City Colle​ge CCSSE Report 2016 Evergreen Valley College CCSSE Report 2013San Jose City College CCSSE Report 2013

​​Presentations and Publications

Diverse Learning

Diverse Learning Environments SJCC 2014 Survey ReportDiverse Learning Environments  EVC 2014 Survey Report

Board Ends Policy

Board Ends Policy Dashboard - April 2015Board Ends Policy Monitoring Report - March 2015Board Ends Policy Dashboard - February 2015

2016 Civility Survey Report​​
2014 Civility Survey Report


2013 to 2017 Strategic PlanDistrict Office Program Review 2012Student Success Scorecard Report to Board of Trustees on 10-8-2013What does the RIE office do? Presented at SJCC PDD 2012


California Community College Chancellor's OfficeData MartStudent Success Scorecard Documentation​
Student Right-To-Know - Evergreen Valley College
Student Right-to-Know - San Jose City College​

Research Associations 

Association for Institutional ResearchCalifornia Association for Institutional Research

Research & Planning Group

Research & Planning Group Research & Planning Group Standard Definitions- April 2011 ​​

Student Success Scorecard

California Community Colleges Student Success Scorecard

Evergreen Valley College2017 Evergreen Valley College Student Success​
San Jose City College
2017 San Jose City College Student Success


Other ResourcesCommunity College League of CA


Campus Resources

Evergreen Valley College
Lynette Apen 
Research Dean

San Jose City College
Joyce Lui
Research Dean

Research Request

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Research Request Guidelines

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