Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success



SJECCD is conducting a survey of community members who live in certain zip codes and applied to but did not enroll in SJCC or EVC.  The confidential survey link has been sent to the email submitted at the time of application.  This is a legitimate survey to assess community needs.  Your responses are confidential and will only be used to help us better serve our community.  We appreciate your participation.

Our Mission

Using data, analysis, change management, and process support, we build a shared vision of possibility by sparking insight, unleashing the creativity of our colleagues, and supporting them in implementing and evaluating innovation. We use an anti-racism lens and a systems-approach to work with our many partners to tirelessly enact our district values of Opportunity, Equity, and Social Justice.


Ann Marie (Amber) Machamer, Ph.D

 Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Educational Services

Ruth Villaseñor - Educational Services Coordinator​​

Vacant  - Research Analyst, II

Vacant - Research Assistant

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