Risk Management


The Risk Management Department of the San Jose Evergreen Community College District is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for district employees, students, and visitors, as well as protecting and preserving district property and assets. Our department is involved in a wide range of projects across the district, including district-based services such as Facilities Management, Campus Police, and Purchasing, as well as campus-based activities involving Business Services, Health Services, Athletics, and more.

Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Administering and managing the district's liability, property, and other insurance coverages
  • Serving as the district's liaison to the self-insurance program
  • Managing claims brought against the district
  • Facilitating safety and emergency preparedness training
  • Identifying and assisting with local, state, and federal compliance matters
  • Evaluating and advising on best practices to reduce risk to the district
  • Participating in district and campus safety committees
  • Reviewing and assisting with contract language with vendors.
To ensure the San Jose Evergreen Community College District is providing a safe environment for all, it is important to use the forms, documents, and information provided in this section. District contract templates and requirements can be found on the Purchasing Toolbox.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you." 

We strive to keep risk under control and to minimize potential harm to the district, its employees, students and visitors.

Incident Reporting
The safety and security of our students, employees, and visitors is one of the District’s highest priorities. Please report injuries and illnesses as soon as possible using the following forms and guidelines:

Non-Employee Illness/Injury Incidents involving students, visitors and vendors/contractors, should be reported to the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services, the Risk Manager, and the College President where the incident occurred using the Non-Employee Medical Incident Report Form ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Student-related injuries and illness claims - For students requiring medical care as a result of inuries/accidents on campus, provide them with the Student Injury Claim Form after the incident has been reported. Please note both the student and College official must complete the forms. Send completed forms to the Risk Manager.

Work-related injuries and illnesses involving employees, volunteers, student employees, and clinical nursing/medical assisting/dental assisting students should be reported to Michelle McKay, Benefits Analyst, Human Resources at 408-223-6713. Workers’ Compensation forms and additional information can be found at: http://www.sjeccd.edu/district-services/human-resources/workers-compensation

Campus Property Safety Concerns Reporting Form - Employees can use this form to report any property safety concerns.


Risk Management Forms

Employee Safety Recommendation Form

Personal Vehicle Use Form - This form should be filled out by any District employee using a personal vehicle for District business, including field trips, at least 3 days prior to use.  Dean or other supervisor must sign as Site Administrator Approval.

Liability Certificate of Coverage Request - Use this form to request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) in connection with contracts, Memoranda of Understanding or other agreements.

Student Activity & Field Trip Waiver of Liability - This form should be filled out and signed by all students (and parents or guardians if students are minors) at least 3 days prior to their participation in school activities and field trips.

 Waiver of Liability Agreement - Volunteer - Please have volunteers sign this form 3 days before the day of the event or activity.  The event or activity coordinator should retain the Waiver for one year.

Contract Requirements for Buses and other Transportation Services - Please refer to this for the additional requirements which must be met when the District contracts for bus or other transportation services.

Injury & Illness Prevention Program - The Injury & Illness Prevention Program provides District employees with information to ensure a safe work environment.

Requirements for Certificates of Insurance - The District must be listed as an Additional Insured on the General Liability policy of the contractor, vendor or MOU partner.  This document contains instructions for what language must be included on the Certificate of Insurance.


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Director of General Services
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Administrative Procedures

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AP 6530 District Vehicles

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