Facility Access

​​Facility Security/Access to Rooms and Buildings

There are no residential facilities on the campuses of San José City College or Evergreen Valley College. 

​Most campus facilities are unlocked when classes are in session. Facilities are locked and serviced by custodial staff between 10:30 PM and 6:30 AM, Monday thru Friday. Facilities are locked from 10:30 PM Friday until 6:30 AM Monday unless special arrangements are made for weekend use and communicated to the District Police. Staff members who need to enter facilities during non-business hours and who have not made prior arrangements are required to notify the District Police of their presence and have proper identification. 

​This procedure is intended to maximize the security of individuals and facilities and to avoid false intrusion alarm calls to the police and/or trespassing. Custodial and Police staff check campus facilities during non-business hours but it is the responsibility of those who use offices and rooms to lock access doors, turn off lights and close/lock windows upon their departure. 

​Keys to facilities are provided to staff members upon written request and approval of appropriate administrators. Lost keys are to be reported to the authorizing administrator and to the District Police Department. Facility keys are not to be loaned or duplicated. Key duplication is a misdemeanor, per Section 469 of the California Penal Code. 

​​​No District equipment or property may be removed from any District property without written permission from an appropriate administrator. Unauthorized removal of District property is a violation of the law that may result in prosecution.​​

Requesting Keys

Police Services has implemented a new key request form and new procedures. The new procedures are as follows:

The key request form will be filled out by the requestor and a description of the accessibility will be included e.g. (SJCC Business Building or EVC Student Center, Room #SC 121).  The form shall be signed by the immediate supervisor, then emailed to locksmith@sjeccd.edu

Upon receipt, there may be follow up questions such as the need for accessibility and justification. Once the request is approved and processed the requestor will be notified via e-mail that their request has been filled and location where the keys can be picked up.

For requests other than keys or anything to do with the physical security (locking mechanism), a request will be placed with District Maintenance at the following link:


 An example for a Maintenance request will be if the door closure is not working properly or if the hinges to the door are broken.  If there are any additional questions, feel free to email me directly.

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