Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

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Board policies are the voice of the Governing Board and define the goals and acceptable practices for the operation of the District. Policies implement federal and state laws and regulations. The Governing Board, through policy, delegates authority to the Chancellor. The Chancellor and District employees are responsible to reasonably interpret Board policy as well as other relevant laws and regulations that govern the District.


Administrative Procedures implement Board policies, laws, and regulations, and address how the goals of the District are achieved and define operations of the District. They include details of policy implementation, responsibility, accountability, and standards of practice. Although Procedures may be developed by the Chancellor, managers, faculty members, staff members, and students, it is the Chancellor who is held responsible for upholding the specific information delineated in the Administrative Procedures. Procedures do not require Governing Board action.


All Policies and Procedures are publicly accessible via the SJECCD BoardDocs website on the Policies tab.
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All Board Policies and Administrative Procedures are reviewed, revised, and updated according to the SJECCD Cyclical Review Calendar, and are aligned to the Community College League of California (CCLC) Policy and Procedure Service's numbering system.

BP/AP Review Process (Note:  If the  BP/AP Review Process page does not open, you can navigate to the information.  Select the  Library tab on the top right, Policies and Procedures located on the left and select the BP/AP Review Process.)

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All Board Policies and Administrative Procedures of the San José-Evergreen Community College District are posted on BoardDocs for public access. The SJECCD Board of Trustees also uses BoardDocs to post the agendas and minutes of its meetings.

To access the SJECCD Board Policies on BoardDocs go to,​. This link goes directly to the Board Policy Manual which lists the Board Policies according to the following Chapters:
Chapter 1 - District
Chapter 2 - Board of Trustees
Chapter 3 - General Institution
Chapter 4 - Academic Affairs
Chapter 5 - Student Services
Chapter 6 - Business & Fiscal Affairs
Chapter 7 - Human Resources
The Board Policy Manual is searchable by entering a key word or policy number to the right of the magnifying glass icon in the upper-left corner of the Policies page and then enter/return: 
 Search Policies
For a broader search, select the magnifying glass icon at the upper-right corner of the BoardDocs page:
Additionally, BoardDocs provides the options for sharing   or printing  documents.
Thank you for your interest in SJECCD’s Board Policies.​

Administrative Procedures are issued by the Chancellor as statements of regulations, rules, and practices to be used in implementing Board Policy. Administrative Procedures are consistent with the intent of Board Policy. Administrative Procedures are revised as deemed necessary by the Chancellor.​​​​​  Note that all administrative procedures that do not have a hyperlink associated with them are currently under development or under review.

Chapter 1 - District​​​ There are no administrative procedures for Chapter 1 Board Policies.  ​​BP 1100 - 1400

Chapter 2 - Board Of TrusteeAP 2015 Student MembersAP 2100 Board ElectionsAP 2105 Election of Student MembersAP 2110 Vacancies on the Board​AP 2320 Special and Emergency MeetingsAP 2340 AgendasAP 2345 Public Participation at Board MeetingsAP 2360 MinutesAP 2365 RecordingAP 2410 Board Policies and Administrative ProceduresAP 2430 Delegation of Authority to the District ChancellorAP 2435 Evaluation of the District ChancellorAP 2510 Participation in Local Decision-MakingAP 2610 Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining ProposalsAP 2710 Conflict of Interest​​AP 2712 Conflict of Interest CodeAP 2714 Distribution of Tickets or Passes​  ​AP 2735 Board Member Travel​​

Chapter 3 - General InstitutionAP 3050 Institutional Code of Ethics​ AP 3100 Organizational StructureAP 3200 Accreditation​AP 3225 Institutional EffectivenessAP 3250 Institutional PlanningAP 3280 GrantsAP 3300 Public RecordsAP 3310 Records Retention and DestructionAP 3410 Non-discriminationAP 3420 Equal Employment OpportunityAP 3430 Prohibition of Harassment / Discrimination  ​​AP 3435 Discrimination and Harassment Complaints and Investigations​AP 3440 Service Animals & Other Animals on District PropertyAP 3500 Campus SafetyAP 3501 Campus Safety Security and AccessAP 3505 Emergency Response PlanAP 3510 ​Workplace ViolenceAP 3515 Reporting of CrimesAP 3516 Registered Sex Offender InformationAP 3518 Child Abuse ReportingAP 3520 Local Law Enforcement​​AP 3530 Weapons on District PropertyAP 3540 Sexual and Other Assaults on CampusAP 3550 Drug-Free Environment and Drug Prevention ProgramAP 3560 Alcoholic BeveragesAP 3570 Smoking on CampusAP 3600 Auxiliary Organizations​AP 3710 Securing of CopyrightAP 3715 Intellectual PropertyAP 3720 Computer and Network UseAP 3750 Use of Copyrighted MaterialAP 3810 Claims Against the DistrictAP 3820 Gifts​AP 3900 Speech: Time, Place, and Manner​​​​

​​​​​​​​​Chapter 4 - Academic AffairsAP 4010 Academic Calendar​
AP 4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course Development​​​​​​
AP 4021 Program Viability Review ​​ AP 4022 Course ApprovalAP 4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General EducationAP 4026 Philosophy and Criteria for International ​EducationAP 4030 Academic FreedomAP 4040 Library and Learning Support ServicesAP 4050 ArticulationAP 4060 Delineation of Functions AP 4070 Course Auditing and Auditing FeesAP 4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and CertificatesAP 4101AP 4102 Career and Technical Education ProgramsAP 4103 Work ExperienceAP 4104 Contract Education​AP 4105AP 4106 Nursing ProgramsAP 4110 Honorary DegreesAP 4220 Standards of Scholarship - DelegationAP 4222 Basic Skills Coursework​AP 4225 Course RepetitionAP 4226 Multiple and Overlapping EnrollmentsAP 4227 Repeatable CoursesAP 4228 Course Repetition - Significant Lapse of TimeAP 4229 Course Repetition - Variable UnitsAP 4230 Grading and Academic Records SymbolsAP 4231 Grade ChangesAP 4232 Pass/No PassAP 4235 Credit by ExaminationAP 4240 Academic RenewalAP 4250 ProbationAP 4255 Dismissal and ReadmissionAP 4260 Prerequisites, Co-requisites and Advisories​AP 4300 Field Trips and ExcursionsAP 4400 Community Services ProgramsAP 4500 Student News Media​​AP 4610 Instructional Service Agreements​

Chapter 5 - Student ServicesAP 5010 AdmissionsAP 5011 Admission & Concurrent Enrollment of High School/Other Young StudentsAP 5012AP 5013
AP 5015 Resident Determination
AP 5020 Nonresident Tuition
AP 5030 FeesAP 5031 Instructional MaterialsAP 5035 Withholding of Student RecordsAP 5040 Student Records, Directory Information, and PrivacyAP 5045 Student Records - Challenging Content and Access LogAP 5050 Student Success and Support ProgramAP 5052 Open EnrollmentAP 5055 Enrollment PrioritiesAP 5070 AttendanceAP 5075 Course Adds, Drops, and WithdrawalsAP 5110 CounselingAP 5120 Transfer CenterAP 5130 Financial AidAP 5140 Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS)AP 5150 Extended Opportunity Programs and ServicesAP 5200 Student Health ServicesAP5210AP 5300 Student EquityAP 5400 Associated Students OrganizationAP 5410 Associated Students ElectionsAP 5420 Associated Students FinanceAP 5500 Standards of Student Conduct​AP 5510 Off-Campus Student OrganizationsAP 5520 Student Discipline ProceduresAP 5530 Students Rights and GrievancesAP 5570AP 5610AP 5700 Intercollegiate AthleticsAP 5800 Prevention of Identity Theft in Student Financial Transactions

Chapter 6 - Business & Fiscal Affairs​  AP 6100 Delegation of Authority, Business & Fiscal AffairsAP 6125 FraudAP 6150 Designation of Authorized SignaturesAP 6200 Budget PreparationAP 6250 Budget ManagementAP 6300 Fiscal ManagementAP 6305 ReserveAP 6310 AccountingAP 6315 WarrantsAP 6320 InvestmentsAP 6322 Employee Indemnity BondsAP 6325 PayrollAP 6330 PurchasingAP 6340 Bids and ContractsAP 6345 Bids and Contracts - UPCCAAAP 6350 Contracts - ConstructionAP 6360 Contracts - Electronic Systems and MaterialsAP 6365 Contracts - Accessibility of Information TechnologyAP 6370 Contracts - Personal ServicesAP 6380 VendorsAP 6400 Financial AuditsAP 6450 Wireless or Cellular Telephone UseAP 6500 Property ManagementAP 6520 Security for District PropertyAP 6530 District VehiclesAP 6535 Use of District EquipmentAP 6540 Insurance​​​AP 6550 Disposal of PropertyAP 6600 Capital ConstructionAP 6620 Naming of Properties, Facilities, and ProgramsAP 6700 Civic Center and Other Facilities UseAP 6740 Citizens' Bond Oversight CommitteeAP 6750 ParkingAP 6800 Occupational SafetyAP 6850 Hazardous MaterialsAP 6900 BookstoresAP 6910 Housing

Chapter 7 - Human​ ResourcesAP 7100 Commitment to Diversity
AP 7110 Delegation of Authority for Human ResourcesAP 7120 Recruitment and Hiring​​AP 7125 Verification of Eligibility for Employment​AP 7126 Applicant Background ChecksAP 7145 Personnel FilesAP 7150 EvaluationAP 7160 Professional DevelopmentAP 7210 Academic EmployeesAP 7211 FSAs, Minimum Qualifications, and EquivalenciesAP 7212 Temporary FacultyAP 7213 Part-Time Faculty: BenefitsAP 7214 Part-Time Faculty: Office HoursAP 7215 Academic Employees: Probationary Contract FacultyAP 7216 Academic Employees: Grievance Procedure for Contract DecisionsAP 7230 Classified EmployeesAP 7231 SeniorityAP 7232 Classification ReviewAP 7233 Claims for Work Out of ClassificationAP 7235 Probationary Period: Classified EmployeesAP 7236 Substitute and Short-Term EmployeesAP 7240 Confidential EmployeesAP 7270 Student WorkersAP 7310 NepotismAP 7330 Communicable DiseaseAP 7335 Health ExaminationsAP 7336 Certification of Freedom from TuberculosisAP 7337 FingerprintingAP 7342 HolidaysAP 7343 Industrial Accident and Illness LeaveAP 7344 Notifying District of IllnessAP 7345 Catastrophic Leave ProgramAP 7346 Employees Called to Military DutyAP 7347 Paid Family LeaveAP 7360 Discipline and Dismissal, Academic EmployeesAP 7365 Discipline and Dismissal, Classified EmployeesAP 7366 ReinstatementAP 7370 Political Activity​​AP 7371 Personal Use of Public ResourcesAP 7380 Retiree Health Benefits: Academic Employees​AP 7381 Health and Welfare BenefitsAP 7385 Salary DeductionsAP 7400 TravelAP 7500 VolunteersAP 7600 Campus Police Department​AP 7700 Whistleblower Protection​​​​​

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