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SJECCD Brand Style Guide - PDF


Letterhead Template - Word  

Letterhead top example


PowerPoint Template - PPT

PowerPoint Example

Notes for using this PowerPoint template:
  • Titles/subtitle areas:  These have been programmed be shown in all caps regardless of hitting the Caps Lock key on your keyboard
  • Adding images:  Once you click on the image icon, a dialogue box opens to choose the image from your files. It is likely that the photo will not be positioned where you want the focus to be. You need to double-click the photo which opens the “Picture Format” ribbon in PPT and click on “Crop” (far right in ribbon) to adjust the size/positioning. Tip: hold down the Shift key while dragging corners of image with your mouse to maintain its aspect ratio.

​SJECCD Logo Index

Below is a preview of various styles of SJECCD logos.  Each logo has a number 01 -19 and description.  The logos are on OneDrive to access.  See the “Which File Type Should I Use” section at the bottom of this page for information that will help determine which logo is best for each use case.

  1. Click here to access the Logo Variations folder on OneDrive.
  2. Find the file name of the logo 01_SJECCD thru 19_SJECCD and click the name to open.
  3. There are five formats to choose from .ai, .eps, jpg, .pdf and .png
  4. Check the box by the format(s) you'd like to download.
  5. On the top select downoad.
01-SJECCD Logo Symbol - Color
02-SJECCD Logo Symbol - Dark
03-SJECCD Logo Symbol - White

04-SJECCD Logo SMLR - Color

05-SJECCD Logo SMLR - Dark

06-SJECCD Logo SMLR - White Text Color Symbol

07-SJECCD Logo SMLR - White Text and Symbol

08-SJECCD Logo LRG Symbol - Color

09-SJECCD Logo LRG Symbol - Dark

10-SJECCD Logo LRG - White Text Color Symbol

11-SJECCD Logo LRG - White Text and Symbol

12-SJECCD Logo Stacked - Blue Text Color Symbol

13-SJECCD Logo  Stacked - Dark

14-SJECCD Logo Stacked - White Text Color Symbol
SJECCD Logo square white text black background
15-SJECCD Logo Stacked - White Text and Symbol

SJECCD Logo Banner color symbol blue text white background
16-SJECCD Logo Long - Blue
SJECCD Logo banner black text on white background
17-SJECCD Logo Long - Dark
SJECCD Logo banner color symbol white text on black background
18-SJECCD Logo Long - White Text Color Symbol
SJECCD Logo banner black and white
19-SJECCD Logo Long - White Text and Symbol

Files come in various formats and each format has its particular strengths and weaknesses.
The type of file you use for your purpose can have a huge effect on the quality of the media that you are working on, whether it be printed or web. Below is a breakdown of various types of files and the differences between them.

Adobe Illustrator
(Vector // Print)

File Purposes:
Use for print projects unless vendors specify otherwise.

Vector graphic, resolution-independent.
Encapsulated PostScript
(Vector // Print)

File Purposes:
Use for print projects.

Vector graphic, resolution-independent.

Joint Photographic
Experts Group
(Raster // Digital)

File Purposes:
Digital screen use only.

Raster graphic, resolution-dependent.

Enlarging will degrade image quality.

Portable Document
Format - Vector-Based
(Vector // Print)

File Purposes:
Viewing on multiple platforms.

Vector graphic, resolution-independent.

Portable Network Graphics
(Raster // Digital)

File Purposes:
Digital screen use only. Supports transparency (whereas .JPG does not).

Raster graphic, resolution-dependent.

Enlarging will degrade image quality.

.EPS and .AI files will not be usable unless you have Adobe Illustrator or a similar vector graphics editor.
For web use, .JPG files will usually be sufficient. Keep in mind that raster format images (.JPG and .PNG) should not be enlarged as they will quickly lose quality.  Vector images (.EPS and .AI) can be resized, but only via vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator.

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