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The San José Evergreen Community College District is unique because our alumni, friends, faculty and staff, students and parents are so passionate about making our community a better place. They generously give back. The stories behind each gift reveal the grit, gratitude and optimism that define our SJECCD community.

Many business partners and organizations contribute to the Foundation because our colleges educate and train the next generation of the workforce in our region. The Foundation is vital to future economic development.

"When someone is well prepared, they make a positive impact with their efforts - at work, at home and in the community." stated a Donor.

Ben Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." Investing in students at the San José Evergreen Community College District will pay dividends for the entire community. Help others pursue their dream of higher education as, perhaps, you once did. Consider paying it forward by giving to the annual fund, an existing scholarship fund or even establishing a new one! There are many options available; contact us today.

Lauri Adachi
Executive Director & Institutional Advancement Officer

Abdul Idris
Foundation Account Technician

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Lauri Adachi

Executive Director & Institutional Advancement Officer 

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