Quarterly Reports
Framework for Quarterly Reporting on Ends Policies
Global Ends Statement
The San José-Evergreen Community College District exists to ensure all students, especially those with educational and/or socioeconomic challenges, will have the skills and capabilities to be successful in the next stage of their life, sufficient to justify the use of available resources.

Ends Policies

Student Success – The San Jose-Evergreen Community College District will improve student success through enhanced educational services and programs and strengthened community engagement. 

Included in Student Success:
  • Transferability
  • College Readiness
  • College Experience
  • Degree and Certificate Completion
Community Impact – As a leader in the Silicon Valley, the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District will be an active partner with civic and community leaders to create strong economy and foster social-economic equity and social justice. 

Included in Community Impact:
  • Career Development
  • Community, Business, Industry and Trades Partnerships/Collaborations

Quarterly Reporting

1. Student Success - Degree and Certificate Completion, and Transferability

1.1. Number of AA, AS, ADT Degrees
1.2. Number of CTE and non-CTE Certificates
1.3. Transfer Level Course Success Rate
1.4. Percent Transfer Prepared
1.5. CSU/UC Acceptance Rates
1.6. Number of Transfers
1.7. Transfer Rate

2. Community Impact - Career Development

2.1. CTE Success Rate
2.2. CTE Course Completion Rate
2.3. Number of CTE Degrees/Certificates
2.4. Skills Builder Metric
2.5. Employed After Exit
2.6. Job Related to Program of Study
2.7. Median Earnings After Exit/Award
2.8. Success in passing licensing exams

3. Community Impact - Community, Business, Industry and Trades Partnerships/Collaborations

3.1. Number of Dual Enrollment
3.2. Number of internships/work experience
3.3. Number of apprenticeships
3.4. Number of partnerships/collaborations
3.5. Amount of grant funding
3.6. Amount of fundraising (Foundation)

4. Student Success - College Experience and College Readiness

College Readiness
4.1 Completion of Basic Skills
4.2 Remedial Rate for English/Math
4.3 Successful Transfer Level Math/English in Year One
4.4 Students with 12+ units in Year One
College Experience
4.5 Diversity of staff and faculty
4.6 Employee Satisfaction
4.7 Clery Act reporting
4.8 Student Engagement

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