Mentorship Program
Mentorship ProgramThe purpose of SJECCD’s Employee Mentorship Program is to foster professional development and career growth while building cross-functional networks throughout 
the District.  The program encourages employees to connect with other staff and faculty 
to gain their support and perspective as they navigate their own career.

If you are interested in either being a Mentor or Mentee (Protégé) or both, 
please complete the appropriate form and return it to Dianne Dudek  ( in Human Resources.  Our current cohort began in January 2021.  The next group will start in August 2021.  

Our first cohort will begin in January 2021.  We will match mentors and mentees based 
on the interests and experience expressed on the applications.  You are able to request a specific mentor/mentee if you have one in mind.

There will be an initial training for all mentors in January of each year.  The program lasts for one semester, and participants will evaluate its success in May.  As we receive feedback, the same partnerships may extend into the next fiscal year.

The program is open to all SJECCD staff and faculty and is a terrific opportunity to take control of your professional growth by either gaining support of another professional and/or helping develop a colleague’s current skills and abilities.

Program Structure

Mentors attend a training in January.
Mentors and Mentees agree to meet a minimum of 4 times throughout the semester on a virtual platform.
Mentees establish at least one goal of the relationship.
Mentors and Mentees must maintain confidentiality.
Mentors and Mentees evaluate the program in May.

Thank you for considering participation in this valuable program!

“True success is knowing your purpose, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing the seeds to benefit others.”    John C. Maxwell


Mentee Application

Mentor Application 

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