Adjunct Faculty



January 30, 2023 - February 21, 2023 

(For new hires and those who did not have a spring assignment during the 

regular enrollment period in November/December '22)

2022 PARTICIPANTS MUST COMPLETE A NEW ENROLLMENT FORM IF YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE TO AN ACCOUNT FOR 2023.  If you have a plan in 2022, there is NO automatic re-enrollment.  If you do not wish to have an account in 2023 there is nothing you need to do as your plan will automatically expire at midnight, December 31, 2022.  Unspent contributions remaining in your account (up to $570.00 only) will automatically roll over into a 2023 account for you after March 2023 as long as you have an assignment in the spring.  Click here for the plan overview and here for additional information specific to adjunct faculty accounts. 

Medical Care Reimbursement Account 

Medical flexible spending accounts allow you to pay for out of pocket expenses such as co-pays for office visits, prescriptions, and deductibles, along with many other medical expenses not covered by your medical, dental, and/or vision plan(s) using pre-taxed dollars.  New participants will receive a Flexible Benefits Card automatically for your purchasing convenience. Cards are good for three years; expired cards will automatically be replaced by Igoe if you contribute in the new plan year.  Without a qualifying event (marriage, birth/adoption of a child, divorce, etc.), you may not make any mid-year changes so be sure you plan accordingly when enrolling as there is a use-it-or-lose-it component.  
  • The Medical Care Account Maximum is increasing to $3,050.00 this 2023 (the annual minimum is $240.00).  
    • Remember, your annual amount is deducted from your March, April, May and June paychecks only
  • For the 2023 plan year, unspent funds/contributions of up to $610.00 will be rolled over into a 2024 account for those eligible.  

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account 

Dependent Care accounts allow you to accumulate pre-tax dollars to reimburse yourself for childcare expenses, and/or day care expenses for a disabled dependent while you are employed.  Among the eligible expenses are after-school care or extended day programs, babysitters, elder care expenses (if elder is your dependent), preschool and summer day camp.  If during the year your child ages out of eligibility or ends enrollment in licensed day care, you may end your plan mid-year.  You may not enroll mid-year (without a newborn), but you may end your coverage mid-year.

Transportation Account  

This plan allows you to accumulate pre-tax dollars to pay for public transportation fees (light rail, bus, Cal-Train, etc.) if you take public transportation to work.  This plan may be started and stopped during the plan year so if you begin the year driving to work but during the year change to public transportation please email for assistance.  


If you DID NOT have an assignment fall semester 2022, and are a new or returning adjunct faculty member, or you had an assignment in the fall but did not have your spring assignment during the enrollment period in November/December 2022, you may enroll for 2023 as long as you complete and sign the Flex Enrollment Form below and return to Human Resources by 5pm,  Tuesday, February 21, 2023.  For your convenience, we will continue to accept electronic signatures this year so you may scan and email it to, or fax it to 408.239.8804.  Or, you may instead mail your original through the Pony or via US mail to 
HR Benefits
40 South Market Street
San Jose, CA  95113
It is your responsibility to make sure you send it timely so it is in in Human Resources on or before Tuesday, February 21, 2023.  Due to time restraints, LATE FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Just remember, if you do not have an assignment for the spring '23 semester now, but you get one after the December 12th due date, there will be a second enrollment window for those that qualify in February '23.  

Required ENROLLMENT Form:

Please note, the enrollment form calls for your social security number.  You may choose to add your employee number instead, just be sure it is correct and legible. 

Kaiser PermanenteThe enrollment period for spring 2023 will take place in February 2023. 

The District is pleased to offer a medical plan for adjunct faculty who qualify.  Enrollment for the plan, offered through Kaiser Permanente, is available each semester to employees and their eligible dependents.  If enrolled during spring semester, coverage is effective March 1st through August 31st; and September 1st through February 28th during fall semester.  You will be required to re-enroll/re-certify, if eligible, each semester.  The enrollment window each semester typically begins after the first full week of the semester and lasts 10 business days.  If you do not enroll during the enrollment window but later in the semester become eligible, or lose your other coverage, you may be eligible for a special enrollment period (HIPAA) provided you notify within 30 days of the qualifying event.  A qualifying events include (but are not limited to) divorce, birth of a child, loss of other coverage, and your load increasing to  40% or higher.  

The enrollment period for Fall Semester '22 is closed unless you have a qualifying event

For more information on the plan design, please click on the link below:

Kaiser Plan Summary including Chiropractic & Acupuncture Care

To qualify: 

  • You must carry at least a 40% cumulative equivalent load of a minimum full-time faculty assignment (either instructional or non-instructional) as of September 21,  2021.  If your load is reduced after that time or classes are cancelled, you may still be eligible to participate or may be offered COBRA continuation coverage.
  • You may not have any other medical coverage and must sign a statement verifying that you have no other coverage.  (Those who decline/do not enroll because they have other health coverage who then lose eligibility or lose employer contributions may enroll mid-year provided they notify within 30 days of the loss of other coverage and submit the proper forms timely.)
  • You must pay at least 50% of the premium for yourself, and 100% of the premium for any eligible dependent(s). Your share of the premium is deducted from your paycheck from pre-taxed dollars.
Eligible dependents may be enrolled at full cost to the employee.  (A copy of the first page your prior year federal tax return is required to enroll your spouse; a copy of your State Registry for Domestic Partners is required to enroll your domestic partner; and birth/adoption certificates are required to enroll eligible children.  Children may be covered until their 26th birthday regardless of their dependent or student status. 

Full Monthly Premium thru September 30, 2022:
​Employee Only
​Employee + Spouse
​Employee + Child/ren

Of these amounts, the District will contribute 50% of the monthly Employee Only premium ($421.00).

Full Monthly Premium as of October 1, 2022:
​Employee Only
​Employee + Spouse
​Employee + Child/ren

Of these amounts, the District will contribute 50% of the monthly Employee Only premium ($442.00).

The pre-tax deduction from your paycheck will be as follows:

​Employee Only
​Employee + Spouse
​Employee + Children
October, November, December 2022, & January 2023
Enrollees pay for their six months of coverage through four payroll deductions each semester (March, April, May and June during the spring, and October, November, December and January in the fall).  

Those enrolled in this plan will be automatically enrolled in an employee assistance plan, AnthemEAP that offers confidential counseling services, and legal and financial planning assistance to you and anyone living in your household.  

Fall '22 Verification of Eligibility Form (will be available during the enrollment period)
Kaiser Permanente Enrollment Packet  (Adjunct Faculty are not eligible for dental and/or vision coverage)

Participants must recertify each semester to continue coverage.  

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) Services available for all adjunct faculty, covered dependents and anyone living in the covered employee's household (for more information, please see the EAP section on the main Benefits webpage.)

EAP Overview Flyer

Flexible Spending Accounts: 

Transportation Account


If you need information regarding benefits, please contact  Arleene Miranda or Michelle McKay at or call 408.223.6713

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