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    • The Concur Travel and Expense software replaces electronic Conference Requests and Expense Reports. 
    • Streamlined approval flows, validated General Ledger accounts, and audit rule warnings will assist with accurate submissions and shorter reimbursement time.
    • The Concur Mobile App and additional tools allow for tracking trip itineraries and uploading receipts and transactions while traveling or from home.  E-receipts are also accepted into Concur from most hotels, airlines and car rental vendors.


Travel Request:   

Request Approval flow:

  • 1. Direct Manager; 2. Cost Center Manager (if different from Direct Manager); 3. College President or District Vice Chancellor

Registration and travel may be booked after Request is fully approved. 

Expense Reports: 

Expense Report Approval flow:

  • 1. Direct Manager; 2. Cost Center Manager (if different from Direct Manager); 3. Business Services; 4. D.O. Accounts Payable

  • Travel expense reports associated with travel Request must be Created from Request in order to associate Expense Report to Request and close the encumbrance in Colleague.  Includes pre-paid transactions and out-of-pocket expenses.
  • P-Card reconciliations: US Bank transactions download to cardholder's account.  All (and only) p-card transactions for a statement period are reconciled in one expense report.
  • Employee reimbursements: Out-of-pocket expenses only, including mileage. 

Concur Travel and Expense Report Overview

Concur Terminology

Expense Type Object Codes

Expense Report Payment Types

Initial Concur Login Checklist

Profile Settings

  •    Updating Your Travel Profile video - Interfaces with Concur Travel Store for TSA info and airline mileage accounts.  Be sure to Verify Your Email Address in order to receive emailed receipts.
  •    Assigning a Delegate video - a delegate can act on your behalf to enter expense reports and requests and/or preview approvals.  Usually administrative assistants.
  •    Acting as a Delegate SJE video  - How to enter expense reports or requests on behalf of another, working in their Concur account.


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