ITSS Help Desk

​The ITSS Help Desk supports SJECCD students and employees and is a quick way to obtain help from technical support staff for all computer related problems.  For students and employees, we provide first level support for MyWeb and Canvas. For employees, we provide first level support for computers, software, printers, phones, wireless, Audio-Visual, WebUI, MyWeb, Office 365 and we route higher level and non-routine requests to the appropriate technical staff at the college, Community College Center for Economic Mobility (CCCEM)  or District Office.

We support student success through supporting the District Office, Evergreen Valley College, San Jose City College and CCCEM.

The ITSS Help Desk is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday until 5:30 p.m. 

For assistance, visit the ITSS Help Desk portal,, and sign-in with your District email address and password, and then choose Submit an IT Request. To view the tutorial, click here: ITSS Ticket System.

You may also use Athena, ITSS Help Desk Chatbot, or call us at (408) 270-6411.


Canvas is used for online courses at Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College.​

To get started, go to the Canvas site at

Canvas Help is available for all students and faculty after Help Desk business hours: Mon-Fri, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and weekends (24x7).  Canvas Help is provided through resources like Canvas Guides and the Canvas Support Hotline: EVC call 844-303-5596 and SJCC call 844-303-0353. To access Canvas Help online, see Getting Help with Canvas

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Office 365 - Employee information

How to access Outlook email from your campus computer

When you first open Outlook after migration you will be prompted to put in your credentials. First leave it set (If it is already) or set the username to your Primary Email Address. Example: or

Put in your network password which is the password used to login it to your computer

Check the box next to Remember my Crede​ntials and click OKEmployee Information - How to access Outlook Email from your Campus Computer

You will be asked to quit and restart Outlook.  Click OK, then exit Outlook and restart it.Quit and restart Outlook. Click OK.

You should now be accessing your mailbox from Office 365 and should see a message on the bottom bar in Outlook stating Connected to Microsoft Exchange or Online with Microsoft Exchange.

Click here f​or PDF instructions on How to Access Outlook Email from Your Campus Computer.

How to access Office 365 Outlook at Home

To access SJECCD, SJCC or EVC Office 365, browse to one of the following URLs per your district location,,, or These URLs go to the SJECCD Secure Login page. Enter your email address and password.  Select Login.

How to access email from home

If  it is your first time logging into Office 365 Outlook, you
will be asked to put in your language and Time Zone preferences.  Enter Pacific Time and hit Save.

Click here for PDF instructions of How to Access Office 365 Outlook at Home 

How to Set up Email On Mobile DevicesAndroid Device Instructions

IPad/Iphone Device Instructions

Office 365 and Outlook Junk mail

Managing Junk Email in Office 365

Managing Junk Email in Outlook

Additional Office 365 Information

Office 365 Presentation from PDD 8-27-15

Video: Getting Started with Office 365

Setting Up the Outlook Desktop App

MyWeb Employee Instructions

How to Order Staff Parking Permit
Before attempting to order your permit(s), please make sure you have the following information on your vehicle (s) available to you: Make, Model, Year, Color, License Plate #, State of Issue and Registered Owner’s name. You will be able to order no more than two permits. Once you have this information available, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your MyWeb account. (
  • Click on the Employee or Faculty Tab
  • Click on the Staff/Faculty Parking Permit Link under the Employee Profile section
  • Select the current year from drop down list and click submit
  • Verify your information (address, phone # & email address). If the information is not current, go back to MyWeb and update in the Change of Address Tab then return to purchase parking permit link.
  • If your information is correct: Click on Purchase Staff/Faculty permit (a new window will open)
  • Choose the type of permit you want to order vehicle or motorcycle then click next
  • Verify all your information again and click next
  • Enter all of your vehicle information (boxes with * are required) then click next
  • Choose either the existing address or enter a different Shipping Address and click next
  • Verify ALL information again and edit if necessary
  • Click Submit My Order
    A ‘Permit Receipt’ will open. From the button choices at the top of this page you can:
    a. Print the Permit Receipt if desired
    b. Print a Temporary Parking Permit (valid for 14 days)/Place this temporary on your dash until the permanent window permit arrives in the mail
    c. Place an Additional Order for a second permit

You will receive an email and possibly a text message (if cell phone was provided) confirming your parking permit order. In the email will be a PDF file of your temporary permit and a link to ‘check my status’ of the parking permit order. Clicking the ‘check my status’ link will allow you to see when the permit is actually mailed and/or delivered. Please allow ten (10) business days to receive your permit in the mail. Click here for PDF instructions on How to Order a Staff Parking Permit   

Office 365 - Student Information

Evergreen Valley College Student Instructions

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your user name (your MyWeb login) in the following format: Example:  If your MyWeb ID is jaad9999 then your username will be
  3. Enter your password.  The new authentication system include a password registration and reset site to enable you to change your password online.  Instructions for registration and changing your Office 365 password are online at

San José City College Student Instructions

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your user name (your MyWeb login) in the following format: Example:  If your MyWeb ID is caha7654 then your username will be
  3. Enter your password. The new authentication system include a password registration and reset site to enable you to change your password online.  Instructions for registration and changing your Office 365 password are online at

MyWeb for Students     How to Access MyWeb - English

How to Access MyWeb - Espanol 
How to Access MyWeb - Vietnamese


Faculty Resources

   MyWeb Faculty Instructions


SJECCD Supporting Page