Canvas External Applications Integration

Overview: Canvas supports external application which allows third party tools to be easily integrated and used within Canvas. The external application either extends Canvas functionality or add new feature to Canvas, and can be added to all courses at district, college or department level. Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration is a way to connect an external application with Canvas in a secure and standard manner.

Student and instructor information flows between Canvas and the external application. Some applications require access to create assignments or post grades into Canvas. This tight integration exposes Canvas users to the risk of having their personal information compromised or having campus systems hacked.  Each application must be vetted for security, FERPA compliance, Section 508 accessibility compliance, cyber liability requirement and legal responsibility. Instructors can't install external applications in their account.  They will need to follow the integration procedure in order to be able to add external application to their Canvas courses.  Canvas maintains a list of external applications in Edu App Center which instructors can browse and learn more.

Timelines:  The length of time required to evaluate and test the application may vary depending on the complexity of the application.  We need a minimum 3 months to evaluate the application.


  • Application vendor must meet these requirements:
- Section 508 Accessibility compliance (VPAT must pass review by SAS/DSP)
- FERPA compliance
- Terms of Use Agreement must pass review by Risk Manager
- District Cyber Liability Insurance, click here to view required minimum limits.
  • Application vendor must not sell student data via Canvas or any other means.
  • Application vendor must provide ongoing technical support to SJECCD instructors and students.

1. Please discuss your request with your area Dean and DE coordinator regarding the application usage and funding if there is a cost.

DE coordinator will review the request with campus DE committee as needed.  Please gather all the necessary documents from vendor, work with your DE coordinator to fill out the online request form and obtain the approval per requirements listed in following steps.

  1.1) The vendor's Terms of Use, FERPA/Privacy policy need to be reviewed and approved by district Contract & Risk Management. DE Coordinator can submit those documents to LegalReview (

   1.2) The vendor must meet district insurance requirements, especially Cyber Liability amounts.  DE Coordinator can submit vendor's Certificate of Insurance to LegalReview (

   1.3) The vendor's VPAT (for 508 Accessibility) needs to be reviewed and approved by college VPAT Reviewer at EVC or Student Accessibility Services at SJCC. Please work with your DE coordinator regarding this.

2. ITSS will review the requirements and technical aspects of the integration. ITSS will coordinate application demo and integration meeting with vendor as needed.

3. If the application meets all requirements and approved for integration:

   3.1) ITSS will coordinate the application testing with vendor, requestor and DE coordinator. If the test is a success, then the application will be installed in production.

   3.2) If the application is not approved or the testing is not a success, then the application will not be installed in production.


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