Redistricting SJECCD 2021

R​edistricting SJECCD 2021

SJECCD Redistricting Process Guiding Principles (Adopted at September 14, 2021 Board Meeting)

2021 July

Overview of the tentative SJECCD Redistricting Process & Guiding Principles 

July 13, 2021 Agenda Information Item I.10

Video Recording:  Begins at 3:31:28

2021 August 

Redistricting Consultants Introduction and Overview at August 31, 2021 Board Meeting: Presentation - Redistricting Partners LLC and Nielsen Merksamer Parrilnello Gross & Leoni LLP

August 31, 2021 Agenda Information Item I.2

Video Recording: Begins at 1:51.03

2021 September 

News Release - September 10, 2021:  Invitation for Public Participation

Redistricting SJECCD Guiding Principles for September 14, 2021 Board Meeting

Redistricting Presentation by Redistricting Partners at September 14, 2021 Board Meeting

Redistricting Presentation by Nielsen Merksamer at September 14, 2021 Board Meeting

September 14, 2021 Agenda Information Item I.3

Redistricting Q & A's


For immediate release:                                 For further information contact:

September 10, 2021                                       Ryan Brown

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SJECCD Seeks Public Input for Trustee Area Redistricting

(San Jose, Calif.) — San José – Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) is currently conducting its decennial redistricting of the seven trustee area boundaries in accordance with the demographic results from the 2020 U.S. Census. The District invites input and support for the adjustments of these trustee area boundaries from community members during upcoming Board meetings.

Public input can be shared via the following scheduled Board meetings:

      • September 14, 2021;
      • October 12, 2021;
      • November 9, 2021;
      • December 14, 2021;
      • January 25, 2022; and
      • February 8, 2022 (if necessary).

These meetings begin at 6:15 p.m. (with the Redistricting item beginning at 7:30 PM time certain) in the District Board Room located at 40 S. Market St., San Jose, CA  95113 (because of operational changes due to COVID-19, SJECCD Board meetings currently have a Zoom option as well. Please check for up-to-date information).

This redistricting is required under California Education Code 5019.5 (a), which reads, in part, "Following each decennial federal census, and using population figures as validated by the Population Research Unit of the Department of Finance as a basis, the governing board of each school district or community college district in which trustee areas have been established, and in which each trustee is elected by the residents of the area he or she represents, shall adjust the boundaries of any or all of the trustee areas of the district…"

Currently, SJECCD is a trustee-area elections District, in which the trustees live in a specific area and are elected only by voters residing in that area. The District is required to adjust the boundaries of trustee areas and must ensure that the redistricting method does not deny or abridge the voting rights of a protected racial or language minority group consistent with the Federal Voting Rights Act and the California Voting Rights Act.

SJECCD's process of re-drawing the boundaries of the trustee areas for the board of trustees following the 2020 federal census will be guided by the following board-approved principles:

  1. The new trustee areas should ensure the ability of minority racial and ethnic communities' equal opportunities to elect trustees of their own choosing, in accordance with the Voting Rights Act, thereby producing a diverse board representative of the community it serves;
  2. The trustee areas should be as nearly equal in total population as practicable, given consideration of all criteria;
  3. To the extent that trustee areas deviate from equality of population, consideration should be given to areas which in the past decade have grown disproportionate to other trustee areas;
  4. Changes in trustee area boundaries should be made with the maximum possible community involvement and participation;
  5. In determining boundaries of trustee areas, boundaries should follow geographical and topographic features, whenever possible consistent with other criteria; and
  6. Trustee areas should have contiguous territory, be functionally cohesive, and honor communities of interest whenever possible, consistent with other criteria.

Updates of progress in this redistricting process, including trustee area maps, will be provided to the public through the SJECCD website. In addition to the above-referenced Board meetings, feedback can be submitted in writing by emailing Mr. Sam Ho, SJECCD's Director of Communications, Community Relations, and Diversity at


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