Board Policies
All Board Policies and Administrative Procedures of the San José-Evergreen Community College District are posted on BoardDocs for public access. The SJECCD Board of Trustees also uses BoardDocs to post the agendas and minutes of its meetings.
To access the SJECCD Board Policies on BoardDocs go to,​ This link goes directly to the Board Policy Manual which lists the Board Policies according to the following Chapters:
Chapter 1 - District
Chapter 2 - Board of Trustees
Chapter 3 - General Institution
Chapter 4 - Academic Affairs
Chapter 5 - Student Services
Chapter 6 - Business & Fiscal Affairs
Chapter 7 - Human Resources
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​Board Policies are statements or intent/guidelines which are adopted by the Board of Trustees to be used by the administration in the development and implementation of regulations and procedures for operating the District. The Board i​s the ultimate decision maker in those areas assigned to it by state and federal laws and regulations.

Chapter 1 - DistrictBP 1100 The San Jose-Evergreen Community College DistrictBP 1200 District MissionBP 1300 District VisionBP 1400 District Core Values

Chapter 2 - Board Of TrusteesBP 2010 Board MembershipBP 2015 Student MembersBP 2100 Board ElectionsBP 2105 Elections of Student MembersBP 2110 Vacancies on the BoardBP 2130 Term LimitsBP 2140 Partial Reimbursement for Candidate Filing FeesBP 2200 Board Duties and ResponsibilitiesBP 2210 OfficersBP 2220 Committees of the BoardBP 2305 Annual Organizational MeetingBP 2310 Regular Meetings of the BoardBP 2315 Closed SessionsBP 2320 Special and Emergency MeetingsBP 2330 Quorum and VotingBP 2340 AgendasBP 2345 Public Participation at Board MeetingsBP 2350 SpeakersBP 2355 Decorum - Civility at Board MeetingsBP 2360 MinutesBP 2365 RecordingBP 2410 Board Policies and Administrative ProceduresBP 2430 Delegation of Authority to the District ChancellorBP 2431 Selections of the District Chancellor and College PresidentsBP 2432 Temporary Replacement of the District ChancellorBP 2435 Evaluation of the District ChancellorBP 2436 Evaluation of the President of Evergreen Community College and the President of San Jose City College
BP 2510 Participation in Local Decision-MakingBP 2511 Academic SenatesBP 2512 Academic and Professional MattersBP 2513 Collective Bargaining MattersBP 2514 Fiscal Support for Academic and Professional MattersBP 2515 Participation of Recognized Employee/Student Representative Groups in Policy DevelopmentBP 2516 Appointment of RepresentativesBP 2610 Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining ProposalsBP 2710 Conflict of InterestBP 2715 Code of Ethics/Standards of PracticeBP 2716 Political ActivityBP 2717 Personal use of Public ResourcesBP 2720 Communications among Board MembersBP 2725 Board Member CompensationBP 2730 Board Member Health BenefitsBP 2735 Board Member TravelBP 2740 Board EducationBP 2745 Board Self-EvaluationBP 2750 Board Member Absence from the State 

Chapter 3 - General InstitutionBP 3100 Organizational StructureBP 3200 AccreditationBP 3225 Institutional EffectivenessBP 3250 Institutional PlanningBP 3280 GrantsBP 3300 Public RecordsBP 3310 Records Retention and DestructionBP 3410 NondiscriminationBP 3420 E​qual Employment Opportunity
​​BP 3430 Prohibition of harassment
BP 3436 Consensual RelationshipsBP 3440 Service AnimalsBP 3450 Reasonable AccommodationBP 3500 Campus SafetyBP 3501 Campus Security and AccessBP 3505 Emergency Response PlanBP 3510 Workplace ViolenceBP 3515 Reporting of CrimesBP 3518 Child Abuse ReportingBP 3520 Local Law EnforcementBP 3530 Weapons on District PropertyBP 3540 Sexual and other Assaults on CampusBP 3550 Drug-Free Environment and Drug Prevention ProgramBP 3560 Alcoholic BeveragesBP 3570 Smoking on CampusBP 3600 Auxiliary OrganizationsBP 3710 Securing of Copyright
BP 3715 Intellectual Property
BP 3720 Computer and Network Use
BP 3810 Claims Against The DistrictBP 3820 GiftsBP 3900 Speech: Time, Place, And Manner 

Chapter 4 - Academic AffairsBP 4000 Instructional Policies and ProceduresBP 4010 Academic CalendarBP 4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course DevelopmentBP 4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General EducationBP 4030 Academic FreedomBP 4040 Library and Learning Support ServicesBP 4050 ArticulationBP 4060 Delineation of Functions AgreementsBP 4070 Course Auditing and Auditing FeesBP 4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and CertificatesBP 4106 Nursing ProgramsBP 4110 Honorary DegreesBP 4220 Standards of ScholarshipBP 4222 Remedial CourseworkBP 4225 Course RepetitionBP 4226 Multiple and Overlapping EnrollmentsBP 4230 Grading and Academic Record SymbolsBP 4231 Grade ChangesBP 4235 Credit by ExaminationBP 4240 Academic RenewalBP 4260 Prerequisites, Co-requisites, and Advisories​​BP 4300 Field Trips and Excursions 

Chapter 5 - Student ServicesBP 5010 Admissions, Special Admissions and EnrollmentBP 5015 Residence Determination
BP 5020 Nonresident TuitionBP 5030 FeesBP 5035 Withholding of Student RecordsBP 5040 Student Records, Directory Information, and PrivacyBP 5050 Student Success and Support ProgramBP 5052 Open EnrollmentBP 5055 Enrollment PrioritiesBP 5110 CounselingBP 5120 Transfer CenterBP 5130 Financial AidBP 5140 Disabled Student Programs and ServicesBP 5150 Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)BP 5200 Student Health ServicesBP 5205 Student Accident InsuranceBP 5210 Communicable DiseaseBP 5300 Student EquityBP 5400 Associated Students OrganizationBP 5410 Associated Students ElectionsBP 5420 Associated Students FinanceBP 5500 Standards of Student ConductBP 5510 Off-Campus Student OrganizationsBP 5570 Student Credit Card SolicitationsBP 5610 Voter RegistrationBP 5700 Intercollegiate AthleticsBP 5800 Prevention of Identity Theft in Student Financial Transactions

Chapter 6 - Business & Fiscal AffairsBP 6100 Delegation of Authority, Business & Fiscal AffairsBP 6125 FraudBP 6150 Designation of Authorized SignaturesBP 6200 Budget PreparationBP 6250 Budget ManagementBP 6300 Fiscal ManagementBP 6320 InvestmentsBP 6330 PurchasingBP 6340 Bids and ContractsBP 6380 VendorsBP 6400 Financial AuditsBP 6450 Wireless or Cellular Telephone UseBP 6500 Property ManagementBP 6520 Security for District PropertyBP 6530 District VehiclesBP 6535 Use of District EquipmentBP 6540 InsuranceBP 6550 Disposal of PropertyBP 6600 Capital ConstructionBP 6620 Naming of Properties, Facilities, and ProgramsBP 6700 Civic Center and Other Facilities UseBP 6740 Citizens' Bond Oversight CommitteeBP 6800 Occupational SafetyBP 6900 BookstoresBP 6910 Housing 

Chapter 7 - Human ResourcesBP 7100 Commitment to DiversityBP 7110 Delegation of Authority BP 7120 Recruitment and Hiring BP 7130 Compensation BP 7140 Collective Bargaining BP 7160 Professional Development BP 7210 Academic Employees BP 7230 Classified Employees BP 7240 Confidential Employees BP 7250 Educational Administrators BP 7260 Classified Supervisors and Managers BP 7310 Nepotism BP 7330 Communicable DiseaseBP 7335 Health Examinations BP 7340 Leaves BP 7345 Catastrophic Leave Program BP 7350 ResignationsBP 7360 Discipline and Dismissal, Academic EmployeesBP 7365 Discipline and Dismissal, Classified Employees BP 7370 Political Activity BP 7380 Retiree Health Benefits: Academic Employees BP 7385 Salary Deductions BP 7400 Travel BP 7510 Domestic PartnersBP 7600 College Police Department BP 7700 Whistleblower Protection
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