Strategic Planning



SJECCD is the premier post-secondary education institution in our region for advancing opportunity, equity, and social justice through educational excellence.


SJECCD Mission

As a leading educational institution, the mission of the SJECCD is to meet the diverse educational and workforce needs of our community by empowering our students to become agents of socio-economic change.



Opportunity * Equity * Social Justice


Strategic Plan Document

DO Strategic Goals 2013-2017


Planning Model and Flow Chart




Balanced Scorecard

Research and environmental scans

 Environmental Scan 2013


Strategic Goals

Goal I. Student Success

Goal I Workplan

Goal II. Total Work Environment

Goal II Workplan

Goal III. Workforce and Economic Development

Goal III Workplan

Goal IV. Organizational Effectiveness and Sustainability

Goal IV Workplan

Goal V. Technology

Goal V Workplan 

Goal VI. Communication

Goal VI Workplan


Caught Being Strategic

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