Finance Business Process Review

Finance Business process Review Group

 The Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services met with the deans during their 2014 Annual Academy and listened to the concerns they had relative to systems and business processes, and the relationships between their departments, their Campus Business Services Office, and the District Fiscal Services Office. The Finance Business Process Review Group was formed as a direct result of these concerns.

The Finance Business Process Review Group (FBPR) is a participatory group that meets monthly to engage in open and candid dialogue without evaluation or criticism. Discussions foster strong communication and open thinking as the group works to resolve identified issues. The group works together to build the monthly agenda, identify issues and discuss options and solution strategies. The FBPR group discusses a wide range of topics, including Policies and Procedures, insurance and contract protocols, workflow processes, budget transfers, etc.

Among the accomplishments of the Finance Business Process Review Group are:

  • Implementation of the Accounting and Purchasing Toolboxes
  • Forms Enhancements
  • Development of Workflows
  • Contract and Insurance protocols
  • Improved Communication

2016 Documents

01-15-2016 Agenda                           01-15-2016 Notes

03-18-2016 Agenda                          03-18-2016 Notes

04-18-2016 Agenda                           04-18-2016 Notes

05-12-2016 Agenda                           05-12-2016 Notes

06-17-2016 Agenda                           06-17-2016 Notes

07-15-2016 Agenda                           07-15-2016 Notes

08-11-2016 Agenda                           08-11-2016 Notes


2015 Documents

01-30-2015 Agendas                       01-30-2015 Notes           

03-05-2015 Agendas                       03-05-2015 Notes

04-15-2015 Agendas                       04-15-2015 Notes

05-08-2015 Agendas                       05-08-2015 Notes

06-12-2015 Agendas                       06-12-2015 Notes

07-10-2015 Agendas                       07-10-2015 Notes

08-21-2015 Agendas                       08-21-2015 Notes

09-11-2015 Agendas                       09-11-2015 Notes

10-09-2015 Agendas                       10-09-2015 Notes

12-03-2015 Agendas                       12-03-2015 Notes





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