Login Instructions

Registration and Password Reset​ Instructions

The District ITSS department is implementing a new authentication system for students, staff and faculty to log in to Office 365. The new authentication system will keep the same username that is currently used - however it will require the issuance of a new password. The new authentication system will also include a password registration and reset site for students, staff and faculty to change their own password in the future.

Password Reset Registration

1. To access the registration page, go to the following address:    https://sso.sjeccd.edu

2. You must provide the email address and password for the account use to access your Office 365 or email.  Click OK.
3. Click Next.
4. You must verify your identity by entering your current password and then click Next.
5. Register Your Answers to at least 3 questions.  
6. After you have answered a minimum of 2 questions that fit the criteria, click Next.  

Resetting Your Password 

1. To access the password reset page, go to the following address:   https://sso.sjeccd.edu

2. Enter your email address.  Click Next.
3. Enter the answers to at least two questions you provided during registration and click Next.
4. Select Password Reset or Account Unlock. If you selected Password Reset, enter your new password and click Next.
5. You will see a message “Success: Your password was reset”
6. If you selected Account Unlock, you will see the message "Success: Your account is unlocked"

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