District-Wide Phone System Replacement Project
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​District-wide Phone System Replacement Project

We want to thank the SJECCD Community for working with the ITSS team and Packet Fusion during the deployment process of the new ShoreTel phones.  Deployment​ began in May 2017 and completed in July 2017.  We are still working with Packet Fusion to implement RAVE with ShoreTel for emergency alerts and broadcasts to the phones.  

We offered training during the deployment, but some of you were unable to attend.  Please review the online tutorials and guides listed below by selecting the link for your device.  If you need additional assistance, please send an email to ITSS.Helpdesk@sjeccd.edu​ and we will work with you to coordinate a date and time to meet for training.

We are making every effort to try and update this website with information on how to use the phone.  However, if you don't see what you are looking for and you need something specific, please email the helpdesk and someone will contact you. 

Shoretel User Guides & Tutorials

Voicemail Information

Voice Mail Quick Reference Card

IP 480/480G Information

Classroom & Staff Phones  

 IP 480/480G Phone

IP 480/480G Quick Reference Card

IP 480/480G User Guide

IP 655 Information

Conference Rooms, Chancellor, President's & VP's

IP 655 phone 

IP 655 Quick Reference Card

IP 655 User Guide

Need Help with your phone?

Call extension 6411 or 408-270-6411

You can also send an email to ITSS.Helpdesk@sjeccd.edu​ 


Voice Mail FAQ's
How can I access my voice mail from home?  1.  Dial 408-270-8545 2.  Follow the voice prompts and enter your 4-digit extension (Do not press # after entering extension)3.  You will hear a message "please hold while I route you to the correct system".        The system is routing you to your site voicemail system.4.  When prompted enter your password and #

What is the default password to set up voice mail?  The default password is 1234.  If you enter the password and it does not work call extension 6411 or 408-270-6411.

When I call the campus number and press the option to dial by name, I hear extension numbers and options instead of hearing the name of the person and pressing the option, why?  This happens when you don’t have a recorded name on the voicemail system. If you would like to change the recorded name follow these step: 
· Press voicemail button
· Press Call VM softkey (First button below display – DO NOT enter a password at the display prompt)
· Enter your password and #
· Press 7 – Change Mailbox Options
· Press 6 – Record name
The system will play what is active for your recorded name, listen to the options available and press # to accept the current recording, press 1 to review, press 2 to re-record, press 3 to delete or press * to cancel

Phone FAQ's
My phone display name and extension are incorrect, what do I do?  Send an email to ITSS.Helpdesk@sjeccd.edu, please provide your extension number, spelling of your name and your room number.

How can I assign my extension to another phone in a different office?  1.  Press Voicemail button2.  Press Call VM softkey (Do not enter password at the when prompted on the screen)3.  Press 74.  Press 35.  Press 1 to assign or 2 to un-assign your extension from the phone.  (Note:  If you forget to un-assign your     phone and return to your office, the display on your phone will show "Available".  There should be a     softkey labeled "Assign" and you can enter your extension & password.  If there is no softkey, follow     steps 1 - 5 above.
How can I add speed-dials to my phone?  

  • Select Options softkey
  • Enter voicemail password and press OK softkey
  • Using the Navigation key pad press the down arrow until you see Program buttons on the display and press Edit softkey
  • Select a button you want to program (Do Not change the speed-dial labeled SJEVC Police top left button, this is programmed for Campus Police 6468)
  • At the select function menu arrow down to Dial Number and press Select softkey
  • Enter the number:  4 digit extension for internal calls or 9-1-(area code)-(7-digit) for external calls and click Next softkey
  • Enter label by pressing the number keys to spell the name of the person or company
  • Select Done softkey
  • Press select another button to program another speed-dial or press Exit softkey twice to exit all the way out of options.


​Troubleshooting FAQ's

My phone lights are all orange and the display reads "No Service", what do I do?

If your phone is displaying No Service, do the following:

  1. Press Mute button (located between the headset and speaker button on the left of the number keys)
  2. Enter 73738 #
  3. Below the display press the softkey Reset
  4. The phone will reboot – wait for it to come back on and it should clear the problem.

If it does not clear the problem, please contact helpdesk.

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