Colleague Web UI 4.5


Ellucian has a Web User Interface (Web UI) that offers novice and veteran users new feature and functionality. 

The newest version 4.5 is now available for use at
New features include: bookmarking forms and people, improved search capabilities, form area resizing and zoom support, direct print of colleague forms, exporting of search results and forms to excel, and form description lookups. 

Ellucian no longer supports the Datatel desktop versions. With the rollout of Web UI 4.5 ITSS will begin phase out Desktop UI usage. Thank you for your support in making this transition to Web UI a success. 

Getting Started

To get started using Web UI go to from your Internet Explorer Browser. 


  • For full application functionality use Internet Explorer 10 or higher.  (Disable popup blocker for this application)
  • Silverlight must be installed for the application to function
  • Only accessible from within district network

When using Internet explorer you may see a warning about mixed mode content.
Click OK and follow these instructions to permanently turn off this warning.

Tell your personal web browser not to display that message. To do so follow these steps for Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Tools, Internet Options.
  • Select the "Security" Tab
  • Click on the "Custom Level" button.
  • Scroll down until you see the option: "Display mixed content". Select "Enable".
  • Click Ok. Then you will get a "Security Warning" pop-up. Click Yes.

Documentation & User Guides

Guide to User Interface 4.5

Web UI 4.5 SJECCD Quick User Guide

Web UI Quick Reference

Web UI Shortcuts


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