Colleague Web UI


WebUI 4.X, is scheduled to become unsupported (end of life) by Ellucian in the near future.
We are currently testing WebUI 5 (to be deployed to Production on April 30th) which, among many improvements, it’s based on HTML5 and does not require the SilverLight plug-in any more.
Please logon and explore the new WebUI 5 interface on the Test2 environment here (only accessible within the District network). There are no substantial changes to the interface, all forms have the same information placed in the same location although look and feel is quite different.
Click here​ to view the Ellucian Quick Tour to WebUI 5 video 
Click here​ to access the WebUI 5 on the Test2 environment.​​
Getting Started (Current version)
​To get started using Web UI click here​ from your Internet Browser.
    Ellucian recommends using Chrome, although it supports other major browsers
    Only accessible from within district network


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