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San José-Evergreen Community College District strives to live up to our values of Opportunity, Equity, and Social Justice through our business performance and community engagement.

We focus on efforts to increase vendor and contracting participation from all business enterprises including minority, women, and veteran-owned small businesses.

We believe that businesses and residents in our District are our source of support for success.  Therefore, it is our mission to meet the diverse educational and workforce needs of our community by empowering our students to become agents for socioeconomic change.


Administrative Procedures AP 6340 - Bids and Contracts

Administrative Procedures AP 6380 - Vendors

Board Policy BP 6340 - Bids and Contracts

Board Policy BP 6380 - Vendors

Business Opportunity Workshops Invitation Flyer

Business Outreach -18 Month Look Ahead Construction Related Projects

Outreach 2016-2017 Annual Report

Outreach Program for Qualified Businesses (Board-approved March13, 2018) & Appendices

Presentation:  Small Business Forum 5.3.2018



We want you to "Grow Your Business With Us!"  Please attend Thursdays Business Opportunity Workshops at the District Office, 40 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA  95113.  RSVP at 408-375-2768.

Please click HERE for workshop flyer. ​

SJECCD Community College Extension in Milpitas

​Tuesday, November 17th was a milestone day for the San José-Evergreen Community College District and Milpitas Unified School District. It was the day ground was officially broken for the Community College Extension building in Milpitas. The weather was cool and clear; the Milpitas High School Jazz Band's live music kept the energy up; and well over 100 friends and guests enjoyed light refreshments, a few brief speeches and the 'digging of dirt.' The site is next to Thomas Russell Middle School, and across the street from Marshall Pomeroy Elementary and Milpitas High Schools. Construction on the Community College Extension building will commence immediately with a projected completion for Fall 2016 enrollment. I want to thank current and past board members for their vision and leadership and all faculty and staff connected with this important project for their involvement in getting us to this historic milestone. Additionally, current and past board and leaders of the Milpitas Unified School District are recognized for their partnership and collaboration in making this joint use facility available to the community that we collectively serve through educational programs and services. Lastly, our gratitude is extended to the voters for their trust in our ability to construct and operate the facilities needed to serve this area of our District. Thank you to everyone from both districts who helped plan and organize this inspiring and significant event. 

San José-Evergreen Community College District Saves Taxpayers $30 Million
The San José-Evergreen Community College District's successful refunding of selected bonds associated with its Measure G 2004 General Obligation Bond Program in June 2015 resulted in direct savings to the District's taxpayers in the amount of $10,203,044 or 9.67% in present value savings, which is well above the industry benchmark of 3%.  These savings are in addition to the savings in April 2014, whereby the District successfully refunded selected bonds associated with its Measure G 2004 and Measure G 2010 General Obligation Bond Programs, providing $19,826,076 in direct savings to the District's taxpayers or 12.10% in present value savings.

District’s Surplus Land Development​
Dear Evergreen Valley College Community:
Thank you for taking the time to get information on the evolving discussions regarding the District's future plans for the underutilized land parcel located at Evergreen Valley College. I wanted to take a quick moment to update you on the current status of the conversation.

The development of this underutilized land will provide ongoing revenue to support student education and the continued growth of student program offerings at Evergreen Valley College. It will also provide our students with nearby services and amenities they have requested for here to continue

The San José-Evergreen Community College District ("District") intends to enter into a long term ground lease with a developer for the approximately 27 acres of land adjacent to Evergreen Valley College ("Surplus Land"). The Surplus Land includes the old District Office site, the existing Police Academy as well as land which is currently not improved. The Surplus Land is adjacent to San Felipe Road and Yerba Buena Road. It is expected that the selected developer will, at its own cost, obtain land use entitlements for the Surplus Land and construct a mixed use project which will probably include, among other uses, multi-family rental housing and retail space. The selected developer will pay a substantial amount of rent to the District. Our goal is to ensure that there are additional resources, especially during economic downturns, to help our students achieve greater success.


  Chancellor Letter (June 20, 2016)

  Chancellor Letter (May 12, 2016)

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District 8 Roundtable Meeting - 3.5.2015Click here to view Presentation

Campus Forum at Evergreen Valley College - 3.25.2015Chancellor PowerPoint PresentationVice Chancellor PowerPoint Presentation

Community Forum at Evergreen Valley College - 4.1.2015PowerPoint Presentation at April 1, 2015 Community ForumAdditional Documents Following the 4.1.2015 Community Forum:Budget Development 2015-2016 - Board of Trustees' February 24, 2015 Budget Study Session2014-2015 Second Quarter Budget Report

Land Development BidsClick here to view development Bid information or go to Development Resolution 1.27.2015Bid Package Received and Was Opened on 4.14.2015

Campus Forum at Evergreen Valley College - 4.7.2015PowerPoint Presentation
Board of Trustees Meeting - 4.21.2015 PowerPoint Presentation

1967 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes11.7.196712.5.1967 To comment or ask questions, please email to 

Our Fiscal Management is Sound

We have completely recovered from the economic downturn and have a perfectly stable outlook for the next four years and beyond.  Our fund balance for 2012-13 was 14.4%.  This is much better than in recent years and puts our District near the statewide average of 17.6%.  This will provide us additional needed resources to better serve our students. (Future estimates are based on the underlying revenue and expenditure assumptions and have not been adjusted for pending collective bargaining raises.)

SJECCD Becomes Sixth Basic Aid District in CA

Basic Aid means our general apportionment exceeds the State guarantee and provides a substantially improved financial outlook.  For 2012-2013 our total "excess" dollars were $2,178,396. Our outlook for the same in 2013-2014 is projected to be $4,758,626 beyond the statewide guarantee.  This is primarily driven by the increase in Property Tax Revenues in the SJECCD community.

Our Financial Audit and Bonds Audit Are Perfect

For the first time ever, we received a perfect audit.  There were zero findings and recommendations.  Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services Doug Smith stated, "In my 27 years as a CBO I have never seen this."  Both Performance Audits for the 2004 and 2010 Bonds and Financial Audits for the 2004 and 2010 Bonds had no exceptions and no adjustments or findings.  Again perfect.  Each time we go out for issuance of new bond funds we receive an independent credit rating from Moody's and Standard and Poor's.  Our District has received ratings among the highest standards for the Colleges in our System.

 # 2 in​​​​ 72 Districts with Effort toward 50% Law

For the year finished (June 2013), we are #2 in the State with effort toward the 50% law, which is instructional dollars in total as a percent of all operational dollars spent.

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